Make better decisions

by knowing where your resources are in real time

Free: Use it for free in the cloud OR download the code, it’s open source!

Insightful: Gain insight into the location & distribution of your resources

Collaborative: Your team can record, track and analyze resources

SMS Enabled: Use SMS to query, update or receive alerts from the system

Map Ready: See everything on the map for a birds-eye view

  • Get updates

    as they happen, using a live map or text message request

  • Visualize and update

    resource allocations without a complex and expensive GIS

  • Update

    resource data from any text messaging-capable phone

  • Identify

    distribution patterns and anomalies with visual mapping and trend analysis

  • Receive

    important alerts instantly and address them proactively

  • Collaborate

    easily on resource allocation decisions

  • Maintain

    complete control over the visibility of resource allocation data

  • Free

    for anyone to use to help increase their social impact

  • Open Source

    code for developers to use to improve its design and functionality

What can I use it for?

Accurately tracking and allocating resources is critical to getting the most from every asset at your disposal. Resource Map can help you maximize your resource allocation and usage.

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